Website Design & Development

We focus on creating effective, high-quality websites that perform well in the search engines and appeal to site visitors. Websites designed by World Vacations Group (WVG) greatly enhance the image of your business while driving visitors and online revenue to the business. WVG designs each site with a customized architecture best suited to the particular client's needs including developing mobile and tablet optimized sites. The architecture and design of the site is built to reflect the unique selling points of the business, keeping in mind the local and regional factors. We focus heavily on simplicity, ease of navigation, and the need to convert visitors into buying customers.


Branding and Imaging

WVG's design team pays special attention to the business's branding and image during the design process. Each website design is created with the business's image, target clientele, and brand in mind. Client inputs are integrated with the creativity of our design team to develop websites that tell the story that each unique business wants to communicate.


In the travel and hospitality industry the choice and placement of navigation buttons including reservation menus is integral to keeping visitors on a website and increasing your conversion rate. With our extensive search industry background, we understand the key elements that consumers are searching for on sites. All of these factors are taken into account while designing your website. The most compelling informational items are placed in the path that a human eye follows while scanning a website. WVG websites are designed to have multiple calls to action on each page, which results in higher conversion.


WVG uses the latest guidelines and technologies to develop our websites. We stay at the leading edge of the innovation curve which provides our clients with a significant technological advantage over their competitors. Our state-of-the-art Content Management System gives our clients 24 x 7 access to the website and the ability to make edits and changes to the website.